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Interested in learning about our giving philosophy, financial accountability, and the different ways to give to EGC? Read on to find out more!

Why Give

Our "resources" principle states: "We draw on the Resources that the Lord provides and we are confident that God will provide the people and the resources to do his work. We choose to take a fiscally conservative approach, and strive to maintain high standards of fiscal management."

We are grateful for God’s financial provision for us through individuals, churches, foundations and other sources.  Giving financially is a great way to share in what God is doing through EGC as we support the work of churches in the city, the region and the world.

Ultimately, we are accountable to God to be good stewards of the funds we receive. Because we believe non-profit organizations are accountable to the public also, each year we are audited by an independent financial auditor. Email us if you would like to view audited financial statements.

The support of our donors helps make possible our investment in urban churches and communities, and keeps us moving forward. We truly could not do our work without partners like you!

Financial donations

You can make a financial donation to EGC by mail (check or credit card), online (via PayPal), phone (credit card), or through electronic funds transfer (EFT). You can also donate stocks, property, or include us in your planned giving. When making a donation, you can designate your gift to "Where Most Needed" or to the General Fund. You can also designate your gift for a specific program, staff/missionary, or a ministry for whom Emmanuel Gospel Center is the fiscal sponsor. Undesignated gifts will be credited to the General Fund. Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, contact Dana Wade, Development Director at 617.262.4567 or by email.


To make a donation by check or credit card, print out the form here and send it to:

Emmanuel Gospel Center, PO Box 180245, Boston, MA 02118


Make a one-time or recurring donation instantly using PayPal. Click here to donate online.

You can also set up one-time and recurring donations through your bank's online bill pay (and avoid PayPal fees for EGC).


Call Charlotte Schulz, Bookeeper, at 617.262.4567, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT is a direct debit from your checking or savings account. It is best with regular donors (monthly/ quarterly/annually), but is possible with one-time donations.

Download the EFT Authorization Form  and return by fax/mail. Do NOT send the form by email or other electronic means, as the form contains banking and personal information.

View a list of fund designations by clicking here and scrolling through options under "Purpose."


Gifts of appreciated stock are gratefully accepted. The Center has a relationship with Chet McCord (mccord [at] profitisgood.com or 508.248.3921) who can make arrangements for gifts of stock, or contact Dana Wade (info above) for other options.

Property / Planned Giving

Contact Dana Wade (info above) to discuss how to make gifts of property or to include the Center in your will.

Matching Gift

Many companies offer matching gift programs that can double the value of your gift. Check with your HR/personnel department to find out if your company has a matching gift program. EGC's Tax Identification Number is 042-282-717. When making a donation, please let us know which company, foundation, family will be matching your gift.

Donate Online

The Emmanuel Gospel Center accepts donations through PayPal, a secure way of making a donation online using your credit card or bank account.

You can use your credit card to make a One-Time Donation whether or not you have a PayPal account. You can use the Recurring Donation form to make ongoing, regular donations, but you must be a PayPal member to use this option.

Use Purpose to select the Program, EGC Staff, or Fiscal Sponsorship you would like to support. You will not see this name again until your receipt is sent by PayPal. However, your selection will be forwarded to Emmanuel Gospel Center and your gift will be used accordingly. If you do not know which Program, Staff/Missionary, or Ministry to choose, please select The Center Fund, which supports all of our work.

One-Time Donation

Amount: $
  After clicking the "Make a One-Time Donation" button, you will go to the PayPal website to enter your credit card or bank account information and complete your donation. Your information will be kept private and your donation will be processed on a secure server.


Recurring Donation

You can have your donation sent automatically every month, quarter, or year by filling out this Recurring Donation form. You must be a PayPal member to use this service. You will be given an opportunity to join PayPal as you continue.
Amount: $
Stop After:


  To stop after a certain number of payments (for example, 12 monthly payments), select the number of payments below, otherwise leave this field blank ("-").
  After clicking "Make a Recurring Donation" button, you will go to the PayPal website to enter your credit card or bank account information and complete your donation. Your information will be kept private and your donation will be processed on a secure server.

Emmanuel Gospel Center is a non-profit organization, and all contributions are used in accordance with the organization’s purpose. Donations are made with the understanding that the organization has control and administration over the use of the donated funds.

In-Kind Gifts / Wish List

EGC appreciates non-cash donations of items in good condition, such as clothing for people who are homeless, Christian books, updated computer equipment, and office furniture. If we are not able to use your donation, we will donate it to an urban church or ministry that can.

  • Clothing: If you have clothing you want to donate, please go to the Starlight Ministries page.
  • Office Items: If you have office furniture or equipment, room dividers, tables, etc., that you would like to donate, contact Jeffrey Murray, Director of Operations, at 617.262.4567 or jmurray [at] egc.org.
  • Church Supplies: Pews, podiums, pianos, organs, chairs, tables, hymn books, communion sets, etc., can be used by new and growing churches in Boston. For information about donating any of these items to churches, contact Ralph Kee, animator of the Greater Boston Church Planting Collaborative, by email.