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Starlight Ministries
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Starlight Ministries equips individuals and churches to build life-changing relationships with people affected by homelessness.


Recent News

Join us for the 7th Annual Starlight Walkathon! This is an opportunity for you to partner with us to fight homelessness.
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Interested in becoming a Starlight volunteer or learning more about homelessness?
If you're interested in promoting Starlight's Training at your church, click here for a .pdf of the flyer.
What's new at Starlight?

About Starlight Ministries: Taking the Church to the Streets

Since 1990, Starlight Ministries has equipped individuals to build life-changing relationships with people affected by homelessness. Starlight trains individuals and groups in classroom settings as well as hands-on ministry venues. These opportunities provide the Church and those struggling with homelessness with effective tools for building communities where all can experience personal transformation through Jesus Christ.

Our Challenge

Jesus desires us to put our faith into action! The biblical mandate is clear: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” — Matthew 25:34-40.

So what can you do?

  • pray about your role in bringing God’s kingdom to those who struggle with homelessness
  • attend a classroom training on the issues surrounding homelessness
  • experience personal change in one of Starlight’s ministry venues
  • launch an outreach program through your church
  • give to Starlight (for monetary gifts, visit our donation page, or to coordinate an in-kind donation, contact Sara Mitchell at smitchell [at] egc.org)

Our Mission

Starlight believes that the main cause of homelessness is the lack or loss of support systems. Folks struggling with homelessness may have lost one or more of the following:

  • permanent housing
  • spouse or family members
  • job/ income
  • health
  • friends

Over time, without these support systems, those on the streets lose their hope.

The Body of Christ can meet the need for support systems and hope. Starlight also believes that the Church is called to be a safe haven for those who are on the fringes of society. The Church can be transformed by becoming the generous and welcoming community that God commands.

Our Response

Starlight empowers the Church to effectively embrace those struggling with homelessness in three main ways:

Classroom Training

Starlight offers trainings throughout the year, which help participants to break through stereotypes and fears and to learn practical skills. Training topics include:

  • Causes and Issues Pertaining to Homelessness
  • Effective Engagement Principles and Practices

Ministry Venues

Starlight offers a variety of programs for training churches in effective outreach. We highly encourage the participants of our classroom trainings to put their knowledge and faith into action through experiential training. Starlight welcomes Christians to come to one of our hands-on venues and to envision ministry opportunities within their own congregations.

We offer the following ministry venues:

  • Bible Study and Lunch
  • Boston Common Outreach
  • Opportunity Resource Center
  • Breaking Bread

For locations and times, please contact Brian Gearin at bgearin [at] egc.org.

Impact: Starlight has worked with several churches to further the impact of the Church on homelessness in Boston. Over the last decade, Park Street Church, Hope Fellowship Church, and Mosaic Church have started their own street outreach teams, and Covenant Congregational Church launched its new drop-in center, the Rest Stop, in January 2013. 

Outreach Coaching

Starlight finds pure joy in teaching others to serve! We are willing to mentor groups that would like to start an outreach which fits their skill sets and the needs of their local community.

With over 20 years of experience in direct services, we offer outreach coaching in the following areas:

  • case management
  • relationship building through haircuts
  • clothing distribution
  • visitations (hospitals, single room occupancies)
  • facilities outreach (shelters, agencies)
  • conflict management
  • self-care and boundaries
  • conversation 101